In 2001 I founded Quick Square after spending 11 years in the creative/marketing industry. The internet was in its fledgling stages at this time and just beginning to provide some genuinely useful resources for business. With the help of my close friends and colleagues, I began to use my sales, marketing, creative and technology experience to build websites for local companies that were personally referred to me while at the same time we began to build our own web-based software products. Our endeavors were successful and we grew to one of the top 25 Columbus website development firms by building custom websites with unique, quality content. At the same time we were building custom websites for our customers, we began to develop several web-based software products which we could offer to bolster our recurring revenue. We leveraged my graphics and creative experience to meet a need for marketing departments to manage their creative files and pioneered one of the first web-based digital asset management products which is still very successful today. One of our long time customers that had been licensing this software solution for their customers acquired this software product from us in 2015 and we continue to provide them with consulting support.

For over 14 years we have been providing custom website development for our clients, primarily those that are referred to us however we are happy to work with any company that needs a self-editable website and quality content so long as they are in the Central Ohio area. We feel that being able to meet face-to-face with our clients is important since a typical implementation involves several in-person meetings.  We do not make any unrealistic promises or misleading statements in our sales process. We believe that a successful website with good search engine results is entirely based on a quality site with unique and well written content, graphics and video. We are able to help in all areas of your website and social media marketing and use our own personal business experience in a way that makes our approach unique.

We are glad to visit and meet to understand the needs of any company in the Columbus area that needs a quality website or managed social media and we also invite you to come to our workspace as well. Currently we are operating at Cultivate which is a business startup workspace in Grove City. We own this facility, provide coaching to startups and are working on a few new startup ideas of our own.