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Build a lasting customer base that trusts and has confidence in your business. Get Started with our Business Builder Blueprint designed to equip you with a website and online tools to serve and support customers.

Business Builder Blueprint

Every experienced business owner understands that the key to long term success is to build a loyal customer base. Instead of chasing the latest lead generation and digital marketing trends, simply refocus your website and online efforts on providing extraordinary service and support for your customers. New customers will trust and have confidence that you provide value and solutions. The Blueprint includes the plan, tools and web content that will achieve this lasting growth as well as affordable and transparent pricing to implement the plan.

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Business Blueprint

Quick Square develops your Business Builder Blueprint. This is an action plan with realistic timelines and transparent costs.


Two proven paths for success, we offer DIY professionally guided solutions or Quick Square will do the work for you.

Your Marketing Foundation

Create a unique value proposition and call to action for your business through a comprehensive interview process, forming the core marketing messages used for all future phases and website copy.

Build a Base of the Right Customers

Document the customer journey from initial interaction to conversion, ensuring a structured process to attract and convert the right leads into loyal customers.

Identify Terms Customer Use to Find Solutions

Develop a comprehensive list of services and detailed descriptions that incorporate key search terms, improving your business’s online presence and customer understanding.

Create a Content Plan To Answer Customer Questions

Develop a strategic content plan to regularly add new pages and articles to your website, improving search engine rankings and providing valuable information to visitors.

Configure a Customer Database

Integrate a CRM system into your website to capture and manage customer leads and interactions, building a comprehensive customer database.

Our Proven
Process & Workflow.

Quick Square provides expert guidance and support with flexible plans, transparent pricing and implementation options. 

Professional Business Presence

Includes once monthly group workshops to guide your business through your Professional Business Presence. Some of the content related components can be accomplished completely by the client and those requiring technical configuration and website development are offered on a pay as you go basis.

Business Blueprint Builder

Includes one-on-one client zoom sessions to assist with each component of the Business Builder Blueprint. The Business Builder components are addressed in sequence unless there is a pressing business need to re-prioritize them. Many of these components still require collaboration with the client.

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