Video is one of the most compelling media tools to share your story on the web. Quick Square can plan, prepare, produce and place video onto your website that will help your website visitors engage with your story. Typical examples of video for your website may include an intro video on your home page that succinctly tells your story in about a minute or other short video clips that are dispersed thru your site. Below are a few of our featured examples however we have effectively used simpler, less expensive to produce videos on our client’s websites as well.

[jwplayer config=”640×480″ mediaid=”365″]
Demo Reel – 02:19

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Lasermotive. Power on a Beam of Light – 02:10

[jwplayer config=”640×480″ mediaid=”381″]
American Institute of Physics: China – 04:14

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Living with Trees – 02:55