Online Learning management systems have become an important component for sales, marketing and HR departments to deploy and manage e-learning for their organization. Typically this type of Learning Management System (LMS) is the component of an e learning solution that is used to manage all of the users and keep track of the training results.

At Quick Square, our typical customer for e-learning needs to vary the training material to different learning audiences. If they are training customers, they may sell different products and services thru different sales channels. If they are training employees then there are different areas of training needed for them as well. As companies begin to develop more robust training curriculum the number of e-learning modules may grow from a handful to several dozen. This combination of different audiences and the training curriculum tailored to them begins to create a fairly complex matrix where users that fit the different audiences need paired up with the correct version of an e-learning module. This can become even more dizzying when at times if training modules need delivered in multiple languages.  Our configuration tools are very sophisticated to handle all of these options. Our clients can load and configure all of the e-learning modules themselves but typically since Quick Square normally is also building the training modules, we tend to do this as part of our service to them. In fact the client may not need to directly interface with the administrative area of the e learning system other than for reports.

 Quick Square Online Learning Management System Overview

The e-learning system supports multiple training portals for other portions of the customers business. Each division can be configured with signup questions that are then used to assign the appropriate set of e-learning modules to the user. For instance somebody in Ohio may need different modules than somebody in TX or somebody from Walmart may need different e-learning modules than a user at Home Depot.

  • The online learning management system allows for either self registration with auto-matching of the user to the corresponding training, or pre-registration of users where they are manually added or imported into the system with a subscription to appropriate e-learning content.
  • Phrases – the system is multi-language although this is only really valuable if you are going to develop training materials in multiple languages.
  • Training is organized into e-learning Module Groups.
    • E-learning Module groups contain a set of e-learning modules. The individual e-learning modules can belong to multiple module groups.
    • E-learning modules can be set to require per-requisites within a module group so they are taken and passed in a specific order.
  • Users get a subscription to an e-learning module group and they can have multiple subscriptions. This allows unlimited configuration for versioning/tailoring training modules to specific user audiences.
  • A variety of reports exist to provide usage information as well as specific user results. Additionally Quick Square can customize a report to suite your needs and/or manually provide you with data just as you like it with our support package.
  • Within the system we do have basic capability to build slides right within the online learning management system but for the best user experience with audio, video and animation we build e-learning modules in Articulate Storyline.
  • The system supports delivery of an e-learning module in multiple languages but still tracks the score to that module regardless of which language you take it in.
  • E-learning modules can be taken offline and updated.
  • Users can be managed.
  • Articulate and Storyline produce a Scorm compliant output. Our system is engineered to read the scores these files produce and register that into our online learning management system for the user. Another benefit to producing the e-learning modules in Articulate/Storyline is that they are LMS independent. This allows the same module to be published into a different Learning Management System (LMS). For example some business partners may want the module delivered to them to put into their LMS instead of the one hosted by Quick Square. OR should you decide to have an in house LMS down the road, Quick Square can supply you with the modules and they can go into it. (there may be minor republishing required for specific LMS settings)