Quick Square provides expert development and deployment of e-learning training. Our unique approach allows collaboration with our client so that each of us can do as much or as little of the process based on our client’s budget and objectives. Our experience includes e-learning development in multiple languages in multiple countries to very diverse audiences as well as e-learning that provides life saving medical education to physicians. In all of these situations there is a place and unique opportunity for e-learning over traditional instructor led training. The following bullet points present some of these advantages of e-learning training.

E-Learning Training vs Instructor Led Training:

  • Both require a clear training outline, training objectives and syllabus
  • Both require visually engaging media such as graphics, clearly presented textual information, videos
  • Instructor led training uses the instructor voice/presentation and audience interaction to teach effectively. E-Learning Training uses professional narration and animation based interactions to teach effectively. In either solution the quality of the presentation will greatly impact the effectiveness of the training.

E-learning Training Advantages:

  • E-learning training is self-service so employees, customers, partners can do it anytime 24/7
  • E-learning training reduces or eliminates travel expense and human trainer expenses
  • E-learning can be deployed with many versions of the material so each user receives precisely individualized instruction and training that is not possible in a larger instructor led audience.
  • E-learning training does not require a human trainer to be present every time. This allows greater flexibility in how frequently training can be delivered and where it can be delivered.
  • E-learning training has the advantage of being interactive vs instructor based, the participant can be engaged with more senses (sound, visual, kinesthetic)
  • E-learning training provides ways to reinforce and verify learning as it is being taught. This could be with a simple quiz question or even asking the user to click and discover information in the training module
  • E-learning training allows a user to progress at their own pace and repeat content that needs further understanding.
  • E-learning training provides the benefit of communicating an EXACT message which can be reviewed by the content experts and legal teams. This does not leave to chance that critical information is mis-communicated or missed during an instructor led training class and that it is always communicated exactly the same and approved by legal and content experts before deployment.
  • E-learning is efficient because quiz or test scores are automatically captured, recorded and reported. This data can also be fed to other information systems that need to verify employees have completed key training.