Quick Square – E-learning Summary: Quick Square has over 8 years of experience providing a complete solution for the authoring, publishing and deployment of web based e-learning. There are 3 main areas to the approach that we utilize to create professional quality training modules, publish them for delivery on the web and deploy them to users that need training. Quick Square can provide a complete end-to-end solution for a client or perform specific functions. Here is a general breakdown of these e-learning components.

Content Authoring: Our client is the “content expert” and best knows the information that needs communicated. Frequently though our client may not have the time or technical skill to shape that content into a professional, graphical training module with voice over, animations and quizzes. They may even need assistance in overall instructional design for the course to be effective. Typically our client will supply the initial text, photos and proposed narration script in PowerPoint. Quick Square will then take this content and develop:

  • Overall graphic design treatment for the module and key learning components
  • Record and embed professional voice over using our network of freelance voice talent.
  • Layout each module slide, animate and time the animation to the voice narration
  • Configure quiz questions that reinforce the learning activity
  • Setup the business rules for the module that control how the user must go thru the module

Content Publishing: There are many third party software products for authoring and publishing e-learning content. For years we have been using Articulate (http://www.articulate.com/) to take the PowerPoint files we receive from our clients and publish the final e-learning modules. In 2012 Quick Square adopted the Storyline product from Articulate because it provides a dual publishing option that includes both flash and HTML5. The HTML5 format allows delivery of animated content to IOS devices such as the iPad that do not support Flash. The key functions of Storyline for the content publishing stage include:

  • Publishing of the modules with animation, voice narration and quizzes to Flash and HTML5
  • Embedding quizzes/testing components into the module that are SCORM compliant which allows them to work in a standard LMS (learning management systems).
  • Configuration of the rules that determine the passing score of the module, how many questions they will be asked, how they may be randomized, and many more options.
  • These published file work in Quick Square’s LMS but they will work in any LMS that meets SCORM standards. This allows a customer to move the modules into an in-house LMS in the future or to another vendor if needed and no republishing of the modules is necessary. It also allows the delivery of modules to vendor partners that may want their employees to receive the training from their own LMS where they can track their progress.

Content Deployment (LMS): Quick Square has been delivering e-learning thru our own LMS for over 8 years. The advantage of this approach is that we have the ability to customize the LMS for any type of login/authentication, tracking and reporting that a customer may require. Frequently used features include:

  • The user interface and e-learning content can be delivered in multiple languages
  • Creation of different user subscriptions with modules that are regionalized for their intended audience. For example, a user that works at Home Depot in Ohio may need different training that a user that works at a Home Depot in Florida.
  • Training modules can be configured to require successful completion/score of per-requisite modules so the user can progress after having mastered each topic.
  • Upon successful completion of a set of modules they can receive a certificate
  • The user can see their score and they can be given permission to repeat a module
  • Scores are tracked in the admin area and reports can be provided by Quick Square