The art of creating compelling content marketing involves opportunity and strategy.  It encompasses all of the communication elements that are used to share relevant information with your target audience.  Content marketing can appear in any digital marketing media such as:

  • Websites
  • Social media networks
  • Mobile websites
  • Newsletters
  • Webcasts
  • Emails
  • Interactive elearning

Content marketing is essentially developed to educate your potential customers and establish your credibility as an expert by addressing pivotal issues within the industry.  Often, this meaningful information uses your product as an example to help reinforce brand recognition and loyalty and to persuade your target audience to buy or use your service or product.  Increasing direct sales and leads is the motivation behind developing relevant content marketing.

Creating purposeful content marketing requires a considerable amount time and effort.  Optimized copy is often considered to be the sole element of content marketing but it can also include graphic images, video and research accumulated and created during the content authoring process.

Web content is often re-purposed for other corporate uses and capturing the original building blocks is advantageous when spin-off articles, sales materials, or corporate presentations are needed.   To do this, a concerted effort must be made to retain all content marketing assets; for example, market research different copy versions, keyword research, and metadata.

Typical Content Marketing Assets
These are the types of assets that can be generated or collected per website page:

  • Topic Interviews, Research & Notes
  • Article Copywriting
  • Article Revisions
  • Graphic Elements including photography and illustrations
  • Video
  • Keyword research
  • Metadata

If these elements are efficiently stored, managed and made accessible to others, they will truly become content marketing assets — valuable commodities within your company.  New articles and updates can be created quickly and effortlessly with a system like this.  In today’s competitive markets, it takes this type of agility to keep your brand, products and services current and relevant.  And relevancy is what matters most to your clients.

As an example, let’s assume that your company would like to have a mobile website application. Wouldn’t it be most efficient if all necessary elements had been compiled in one place and were easily retrievable?  With little time or effort, photos could be selected and page content could be modified without the complication of relocating all the original files

Content Marketing provides many SEO Opportunities
Be sure to maximize the SEO opportunities for each website page and article. Besides writing original and relevant copy, there are additional content marketing elements that can help boost your SEO ranking.  Consider adding the following elements:

  • Metadata
  • Internal and External Links
  • Alternative Text (alt text)
  • Photo Captions

Although it can be quite time-consuming to research and develop these additional content marketing elements, these efforts can prove to be a valuable advantage.  The more elements that you strategically use, the more chances you have to attract your target audience and to achieve more of your business objectives.

Creating a Content Marketing Library
Preserving and building a content marketing library becomes very advantageous when you consider that there may be many future uses for this research.  Not only could additional webpage spin-offs be developed but this content could be used for employee training, eLearning, press releases, and videos to name just a few. It would be most beneficial if this content marketing library would have 24/7 accessibility to users in various departments throughout your organization.

A digital asset management system, like Honeycomb Archive, does just that.  This intuitive web-based DAM system allows you to group a collection of electronic files in a way that authorized users can effortlessly find, manage and share the content marketing.

The experienced team at Quick Square Consulting will work with your marketing staff so you can manage your Content Marketing within your own company.  We can help you brainstorm topics, develop relevant, original copy, and strategically build web pages for better SEO results.  If you prefer, Quick Square Consulting also offers complete Content Marketing services for your website.