Beyond the Likes

Every person with access to the internet is constantly bombarded with social media, or the pressure to have it. Popular news sites for entrepreneurs are constantly stressing the importance of having things like twitter. And yes, many business strategists have used social media to grow their brand, but those large companies seem like far outliers from the many smaller companies trying to grow their businesses. So what’s the point?

The secret about social media is that it is way more than just business promotion. In reality, it is a valuable tool for nearly every aspect of your business.

The starting point is, of course, build your brand. The more followers you have, the larger the platform to communicate with your audiences. This will get you customers, but it will also help you branch out into other areas.

One of these is human resources. It is very expensive to find the right people to hire, or even to get them interested in your company. The right audience on your social media will give you the reach to communicate career opportunities and find the best pool of candidates.

Another area is customer service. A live line of communication is one of the best features that comes with having social media. It allows you to keep your customers up to date and in the loop, and it also allows customers to communicate their questions and responses in-the-moment for accurate feedback.

Market research is another big deal from social media. Before you roll out a new product or service, you can test the waters by asking customers what they need, or what they think of your merchandise. Social media is, again, the best possible channel for getting this type of input because it is honest, fast, and widespread.

The most important impact of social media for your business is sales. The entire purpose of a business is a sale, and every sale comes down to a relationship. Your customer has to be able to trust you, whether you are baking a cake or wiring the electric lines for their business.

Through social media, you and your customers will have a beneficial symbiotic relationship is executed properly. The customer will get the services they want from a brand they trust, and you get an endless supply of feedback and resources. So the next time you are wondering if you should log on, just remember that social media goes beyond the likes.