6 Easy Ways to Make Your Site More Mobile-Friendly

As smartphones are becoming universal, more and more web traffic comes in from mobile devices. What this means for marketing professionals is an increased importance on having a website that is easy to use on other platforms than just a desktop.

Because of this, Google has changed its algorithm for mobile, so a site that may have once been at the top could drop down due to lack of usability. These tips will help you keep your site at the top, and keep your customers satisfied.

1. The Simpler the Better

Dramatic content with tons of widgets may seem like a wonderful idea, but in reality they do more harm than good. Large gifs, images, and widgets slows the loading of the webpage, and these add-ons that make your web page stand out will make your mobile site look trashy and overwhelming on a smaller screen.

2. Make Buttons Big Enough for Fingers

This may seem obvious, but there are a ridiculous number of websites that have tiny links or buttons that they expect users to be able to click. Make sure to take the size of a button into account when making the desktop page, and to be safe, check it out on the mobile site yourself before you launch it.


Tiny buttons may look cute, but they are a pain.

3. Use Responsive Coding

Responsive coding is a format that allows changes to the appearance of the website based on the size of the device accessing the page. Many basic web development platforms have options for this, including the WordPress themes used by Quick Square.

This design element is simple, yet absolutely crucial for a usable mobile format.

4. Eliminate Flash Video Player

This is another tip that may seem obvious, but most mobile devices cannot run Flash Video Player. Flash Player is also on the way out, as it is becoming obsolete. Using another video player or adding a YouTube window where possible will help your site run faster, and it will be easier for your web visitors as well.


This is what happens when you use an unsupported platform on mobile.

5. Use Standard Fonts

Not all devices have access to the same fancy font that you do on your computer. While it may look nice on your end, it could very well look like a series of square on theirs. Or Wingdings.

And nobody wants to see Wingdings.

6. Take Advantage of Our Free Website Marketing Report

Quick Square Consulting is now offering a comprehensive website marketing report to help you understand what problems are specific to your webpage, both mobile and desktop, and give you advice on how to fix them. It’s absolutely free, so request your analysis today.

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